Why choose Green Valley Languages and Arts School? What are the School’s strengths?

Green Valley Languages and Arts School is well managed by an experienced executive committee who have a wide range of skills, and has a high calibre of teaching staff who are well qualified and have experience teaching in their field. We are also lucky to have the continuous support of parents, both at home for the students and at school with a dedicated Parents Committee.

Our school has well-developed goals and strategic planning, and the management team are committed to continuous improvement of the school to offer the best we can for our students and their families.

Our teachers tirelessly work to make classes interesting and learning accessible for students, and produce good academic results.

Our Parents Committee volunteer their time each week to provide a delicious morning tea for students, making school time more enjoyable for them and providing a framework of inclusiveness and community.

How do I enrol my child at Green Valley Languages and Arts School?

Enrolment is a fairly straight forward process – please fill out the Enrolment form for 2016 (available on the Enrolments section of our website as an online form or a downloadable document to print). If you have any questions about the form, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by sending a message through the Contact Us section of the website or giving one of our staff a call from the numbers listed on the Contact Us page. Once you have completed the form, one of our staff will confirm the payment amount with you, and you will be able to pay either through bank transfer or cash at School, and we will provide you with a receipt.

You can bring your child to School on any Sunday during term, and they will be able to get started straight away.

What are your fees?

There is a once-off non-refundable fee of $200 for enrolment for one year of Hindi language classes. This is a competitive rate of $50 per term for Hindi language classes ($5 per class), as we are a not-for-profit organisation that is focussed on providing a quality educational service to our local community, not on making money. Arts classes (junior and senior levels of harmonium, table and Bharatnatyam dance) are available at a rate of $70 per term ($7 per class).

We also ask parents who enrol their students at the School to make a compulsory contribution to the fundraising of the School of $200 per family. This can be paid either at the time of enrolment, or by the selling of lottery tickets for a draw that has some great prize options, and is drawn at the annual Pre-Diwali Function in early Term 4.

Payment can be done either by bank transfer or cash at school, and we will provide a receipt for your payment for your records.

What are the term dates in 2020?

The terms of Green Valley Languages and Arts School follow the NSW school term calendar. Term dates are as follows, and further details of school events and holiday dates are available on the School Calendar page.

Term 1: Sunday 02 February to Sunday 05 April 2020 Term 2: Sunday 26 April to Sunday 28 June 2020 Term 3: Sunday 19 July to Sunday 20 September 2020 Term 4: Sunday 11 October to Sunday 13 December 2020

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Yes. Enrolments are open until the end of Term 2, however to provide your child with the most comprehensive education without the added stresses of catching up on work that has already been covered, we do encourage that you try to enrol your child in Term 1 where possible. If children are enrolled after the term has begun, you will need to speak with the teacher on how to cover work that has been missed for Hindi language classes. Due to the structure of the curriculum, it may not always be possible to enrol in arts classes in the latter half of the year, and this will be assessed on an individual basis by the School Principal.

Can my child do their Hindi HSC through Green Valley Languages and Arts School?

Green Valley Languages and Arts School is in the process of seeking registration with the Board of Studies, and so at present students can learn Hindi and prepare to sit their HSC through Green Valley languages and Arts School but cannot sit the HSC through the school. We have a trained and very qualified teacher who teaches HSC-level Hindi through the BOSTES external tutor scheme, who can prepare your child to sit and do well in the Hindi HSC. She has a proven track record, and has produced Band 5 and Band 6 results in HSC Hindi. For more information, please read the following PDF: Self tuition, external providers or outside tutor.

What can Green Valley Languages and Arts School offer my child?

Green Valley Languages and Arts School aims to provide a high quality Hindi language and arts education to students. Our curriculum is taught by well-qualified teachers who have helped many students over the years to achieve excellent results and develop an interest and appreciation for their language and culture.

Our School does not only teach language, music and dance to students – it helps instil ethical values, positive morals, and teaches life skills about how to be productive and valued members of society. The values and morals that these students gain help them to become proactive and engaged citizens who give back to their local community as adults.

How many students are there at Green Valley Languages and Arts School?

We average 90-100 students each year at our School, ranging from students starting off in Kindergarten to Year 12 students who are sitting their Higher School Certificate.

What time should my child arrive at school?

Hindi language classes start at 10:00am, and children are expected to be at school and ready to line up outside the classroom at 9:55am. Hindi language classes end at 12:00pm, and music and dance classes begin straight after at 12:05pm. Students who are enrolled in these arts classes are expected to line up outside their classrooms after they finish their Hindi language classes, and will be free to return to their parents at 1:00pm when these classes finish.

As a parent, how involved can I be in my child’s learning?

We strongly encourage parents to help their children with homework, and to speak with their children about what they are learning at school and how they find their experience at Green Valley Languages and Arts School. We are strong advocates for speaking in Hindi at home with your children throughout the week, so they have a context to place their learning’s into and can practise what they learn in a real-world framework.

Parents are also able to schedule meetings with their child's teacher, should they wish to ask specific questions or ask in further detail about their child's performance. Parent-teacher meetings are held once a year, but teachers are happy to speak with parents at other times as well.

Where can I park to drop and pick my child to/from School?

There is a car park area at the main school gates where parents are welcome to drop off their children. We humbly request that parents do not drive through this car park into the asphalted area where the classrooms are located, for the safety of the students. We also request that parents and guardians do not exceed a speed of 10 km/hour while in the car park.

What materials do I have to provide my child for school?

We provide stationary and a book within a folder for their Hindi learning to each student when they enrol at our School.
As a community language school, we do not have a uniform and children are encouraged to wear comfortable casual clothing that is warm during winter and sun-safe during summer.

My child has a health condition - will this disadvantage them at Green Valley Languages and Arts School?

Children with allergies and diagnosed health concern are identified at the time of enrolment, and an Action Plan is developed (and updated annually) with input from the child’s medical practitioner to ensure that proper emergency procedures are in place. This information is passed on to staff members.

What happens if my child is sick at school?

Parents are encouraged to keep sick children at home, and contact the teacher to arrange how best to catch up on class material that is missed. Minor injuries are treated at school, and in the event of an injury or illness requiring medical attention, parents are contacted immediately and, if required, an ambulance called.

What do I do if I want to help the School?

We would very much appreciate your help and support, and we encourage parents to be involved in the School as part of the Parents Committee. Please send us a message on the Contact Us page, and we will happily put you in touch with one of the Parents Committee members who will be able to assist you.

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