our hindi language classes  

K-1 hindi
Our K-1 teacher has the largest number of students and aims to lay the metaphorical foundation of language knowledge for a student's Hindi education.
As in mainstreams schools, our K-1 teacher also teaches manners to her class through various didactic cultural stories.

  our music and dance arts classes  

Year 2 hindi

The Year 2 Hindi language class focuses on teaching the Hindi alphabet to students and basic reading and writing, alongside an understanding of the meaning of words and the values of the Hindu culture. 


Students are encouraged to take part in fun and engaging cultural activities. 

Year 3 hindi

The Year 3 Hindi language class is building on the ability to speak and read Hindi. Building on language comprehension also helps build a stronger vocabulary and teachers students how to use language vocally everyday. This class also builds on other key language means, but focuses mostly on speaking and reading of the language.

Year 4-6 hindi

The Year 4-6 class is a class where students build on the skills that best help  students communicate in the Hindi Language on an everyday basis, building on reading and spoken language. This class also helps to further develop students written skills by helping students build more complex and longer sentences. It is a fun and energetic class that is always keen to learn.

Year 4-6 hindi
The Year 3 Hindi language class.....
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Year 7-9 hindi
The Year 7-9 Hindi language class.....
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Year 7-9 hindi
The Year 7-9 Hindi language class.....
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Year 7-9 hindi
The Year 7-9 Hindi language class focuses on building upon the foundation of skills and knowledge built in junior years, to excel in reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as high-level comprehension and grammar.
Students are also given opportunities to take part in cultural activities and public speaking.
Year 7-9 hindi
The Year 7-9 Hindi language class.....
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Year 10-12 hindi
The year 10-12 Hindi Class aims to perfect the skills learned in the lower classes. This class perfects Hindi Speaking, helps build reading speed, increase writing speed, helps to grow vocabulary and focuses on listening and understanding language. The class aims to make sure that all students are at a level where they can be fluent in Hindi and have the ability to complete the Hindi HSC if they wish.
bharatnatyam dance
Students’ connection to a deeper understanding of the Vedas through learning the art of Bharatnatyam – the stories of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara (Shiva) are the stories relayed through dance.
Bharatnatyam is a way to connect God through the art of storytelling.
junior harmonium
Junior Harmonium class focusses on teaching the harmonium notes, basic knowledge of the harmonium, whilst learning how to best maneuver their fingers and improving on their co-ordination. They are also encouraged to to use their vocal skills whilst playing as this will give them the ability to multi-task and sing whilst playing. This will dramatically improve their vocal skills.
junior tabla
The Junior Tabla class is a very basic class teaching the foundation of Tabla with the aim for students to ultimatly be able to play tabla to raags and accompanying other instruments, such as the Harmonium.
It is a very young and energetic class with the students always keen to learn.
senior harmonium

The class, comprising 13 students, maintains a "happy, fun-full" learning environment so that the interest of students is maximized. Students learn pieces of music/songs they like to learn and in the process get a good grasp of playing. The different tunes, the related Raags and the appropriate Taals (rhythms) used. 

Senior Tabla
This class builds on what was taught in the junior class. It aims to perfects those skills as well as use it meaningfully to keep pace, rhythm and beat while playing to music. 

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