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At Green Valley Languages and Arts School, we are proud to be able to distinguish ourselves from the crowd with a team of qualified, professional teachers who have proven themselves by delivering a high quality of teaching and an engaging, fun learning experience for their students. 

All of our teachers are qualified to teach in their field, are registered with the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, and have valid employee Working With Children Check clearance from the NSW Children's Guardian. 

hindi language

Hindi language is the foundation for keeping our culture and traditions alive and positively contributing to Australian multiculturalism. Learning Hindi Language is not a waste of time, and in this day and age it can be especially empowering for young people forming their identities to help remember their roots and learn to proud of their ancestry.


GVLAS urges parents who wish to make their children Hindi-literate to talk to the enrolments committee at the school for further information.

Mrs Vandana Gupta

Years 10-12 Teacher

School Principal


Mrs Gupta is the Principal of GVLAS and one of the founding teachers. She has a Master of Sanskrit and teaches HSC-level Hindi, and has helped many students achieve outstanding results.

She has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in teaching and learning. Mrs Gupta is pleased to see more of today’s youth taking an interest in learning their root language and promoting Hindi language and arts.

Mr Aakash Prasad

Years 10-12 Assistant Teacher


Mr Prasad is an alumnus of GVLAS, having graduated in 2011 after completing his HSC in Hindi with outstanding Band 6 results coming 3rd in NSW. 


He enjoyed his time at Hindi School and made some great friends. He feels that now it's time for him to give back and pass on the language and life lessons that he has been fortunate enough to gain from his teachers, and ensure that our communities values, culture and heritage are entrusted to and appreciated by the next generation.  

Mrs Urmila Sharma

Years 7-9 Teacher


Mrs Sharma has been teaching Hindi language at GVLAS for over 15 years, and is the second longest serving teacher. She is a DET-registered teacher who has been teaching in Fiji and Australia for over 40 years, and is currently a dedicated Information Technology at Liverpool Girls High School.


She teaches reading, writing, grammar, comprehension, literature based on Hindu scriptures and matra pronounciation and understanding in her class. 


In addition to teaching the Hindi language, she has been heavily involved in cultural activities, having produced a number of Ramayan plays that have been performed at the GVLAS Pre-Diwali function as well as at mandirs and other Diwali melas.

arts (music and dance)

The arts are a critical part of cultivating depth in the culture. In the Hindu culture, harmunia and tabla are core to the teaching of music and help students understand their culture to a greter depth. 

Bharatnatyam is a traditional classical Indian dance form, and conveys storytelling with grace and poise. 

GVLAS encourages students taking Hindi language classes to explore these arts to broaden their knowledge of Hindu traditions and culture. 

Mr Ram Bahadur Singh

Senior Harmonium Teacher


Mr Singh teaches the basics of Hindi music, including sargam, rhythm, some raags and how to play the harmonium/tabla and sing along with the rhythm. He works with songs chosen by the students, and works to make his classes engaging and fun.


Mr Singh has a Bachelor of Business Management, and before retirement he worked for many years in Fiji Public Service, the New South Wales Department of Housing, and the David Jones Ltd Finance and Credit Control Department, as well as doing some work as a casual High School teacher in Sydney. Teaching and learning music has been a passion of his since 1969, and has always been a big part of his life.

Mr S K Dass

Senior Tabla Teacher

Mr. Dass hails form Qeliloa, Nadi Fiji. He started his education at Fiji as a Primary school student at Nadi Sangam School and completed his secondary education at Shri Vivekananda High School. He attained his Teacher's Certificate in Fiji at N.T.C and started teaching music with his older brother.

He continued to get a B. of Education from ACU and a M. Education from the University of Newcastle (Maths Education).

His heart lies in music and music runs in his blood. He has been playing Tabla since childhood and has been teaching since 1970. He is a valued member of the Indian community and teaches our Senior Tabla class.

Mr Aakash Prasad

Junior Tabla Teacher


Mr Prasad is an alumnus of GVLAS, having graduated in 2011 after completing his HSC in Hindi. He has since been studying B. Sc/LLB at UNSW and volunteering with the management committee and the teaching staff. 


In the Junior Tabla class, he teaches the basics of the tabla, its origin and history and how tabla can accompany various types of instruments and various styles of singing, from classical music to kirtans, bhajans and Bollywood and English genres.

Mr Ravendra Singh

Years 4- 6 Teacher


Mr Singh has been a Junior Hindi Languages teacher for more than a decade. He enjoys being a part of GVLAS because of the opportunity it accords to associate with people of like cultural background, and the satisfaction of using and extending the knowledge of my Hindi Language both as a communication medium and as part of his heritage.


He is a firm believer that it is beneficial for parents to encourage and support their children to learn the Hindi language, and that this is a skill that will bring them inherent value at a young age as well as through the course of their lives. 

Mrs Prema Sharma

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs Prema has been a teacher at GVLAS since 2006. She has worked as a teacher in Fiji and is currently teaching with the NSW Department of Education.


She aims to help students develop a love of the Hindi language and appreciate the depth and beauty of Hindu culture. She enjoys imparting the language to the Australian born Hindi learners.


This year, in her Year 3 and Year 4 class, she teaches basic yoga, culture, reading, writing, basic grammar and comprehension. Her differentiated lessons are very beneficial to her individual students.

When opportunity arises, she organises junior group students to perform in out-of-school functions, as well as prepare to perform a cultural item for the school’s annual Pre-Diwali function.

Mrs Uma Prasad 

Years 2 Teacher


Mrs Prasad has extensive teaching experience, and is a qualified teacher registered with the DEC. She has been teaching at GVLAS since 2003 and is currently teaching the new enrolments in Kindy.


She was a teacher in Fiji for 14 years, and has since accumulated over 25 years of experience in language and teaching from Kindergarten to Year 8 level.

Mr Abhishek Mishra 

Junior Harmonium Teacher

Mr Mishra is currently studying a Bachelors in Arts (Pathway to teaching secondary) majoring in English and Business studies from the University of Western Sydney. He completed his HSC in 2016, including Hindi. 

He feels privileged to be teaching junior Harmonium at Green Valley Languages and Arts School, and enjoys providing the younger students with the basics and fundamentals of music. He focuses on helping them to learn the foundations and fundamentals of raags, sargam, the functioning of a baja, good posture for playing harmonium and help them explore the different types of harmoniums and playing styles they can use.

Miss Priya Datt 

Bharatnatyam Dance Teacher


Miss Datt is currently a university student studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) / Bachelor of Fine Art double degree at UNSW, and also works for an aged care company.


She enjoys teaching Bharatnatyam to the students at GVLAS, and is glad that students taking the class enjoy themselves. She looks forward to helping them grow in classical Indian dance, which is a fine skill.

Miss Shirleen Chand

Bollywood Dance Teacher


Shirleen started off as one of the first students at the School. Since then, Shirleen has completed her Bachelor in Business and Commerce in Hospitality Management. She is currently a Marketing and Events Coordinator, where she manages various events and looks after the marketing component of the business. She also owns her own business where she runs the only Indian Bridal Expo in Sydney.

Shirleen is the daughter of Mukesh Chand (Treasurer of the School), and seeing her father contribute to the school from the very beginning inspired her to give back to the school and community. 

Mrs Prem Sharma

K-1 Teacher 


Mrs Sharma has been involved with GVLAS for a number of years, and is dedicated to working to keep culture alive in the younger generation.  Mrs Sharma has a gentle and welcoming nature with the school's new students.


She has worked as a teacher in Fiji is currently teaching with the NSW Department of Education. She volunteers with her local Ramayan Mandali, and is passionate about helping the younger generations to see the value and beauty on their mother tongue and cultural heritage.  She is a very passionate teacher, taking pride in her work and great interest in teaching students for their individual achievements.