2017 Hindi Diwas Conference (16 September 2017)

In India, Hindi Diwas, September 14th, marks the recognition of India addopting Hindi as it's national language. The 2017 Hindi Diwas, hosted by the Consulate General Of India at their Sydney office, was an opportunity to meet with some of the leading Hindi teachers and organisations in Sydney. It is a key forum to celebrate the achievements and successes of the various Hindi schools, and engage in reflective dialogue about future of teaching and learning Hindi, the challenges we face, the strategies we can use, and plans for the future. 

The keynote speaker, Dr. Gayatri Singh, a reknowned authority on Hindi teaching and learning delivered an engaging speech about the present state of Hindi in both India and the Indian diaspora around the globe, and the importance of organisations like our Hindi School in keeping our language and culture alive. 

Since GVLAS has increased it's presence at events like Hindi Diwas and the Indian Language Teachers and Parents Conferences, we have become widely recognised as leaders and innovators in Hindi teaching and learning. Many schools and organisations see our staff and students' excellence and adopt these as benchmarks of success. Many other organisations that support other schools have offered their support to our school in applying for valuable grants, acquiring teaching resources and skills, and promoting the school through media exposure.

This year's attendance allowed our teachers to network with the other schools and stakeholders and we will be having distinguished guests attending our Annual Diwali Function this year as well. We have received invitations from many other schools to attend their Diwali celebrations too! Kogarah Hindi School will have their Diwali Mela at Kogarah High School on the 14th of October and our staff, students and parents have an open invitation to attend. 
We are fortunate enough to have some very talented teachers in our School and it is enocuraged that they should attend events such as Hindi Diwas, share their teaching experiences and successes, and perhaps learn something new too! Collaboratively, we can work to entrust our language, culture and traditions to our future generations.

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