OUR hindi language curriculum  

K-1 hindi language

The K-1 class is our junior class and new enrolments go to this class. The class is a beginner class and focuses on:

  • Letter recognition

  • Letter pronunciation

  • English to Hindi vocabulary building

  • Dictation of basic words and sentences

  • Numbers

  • Letter tracing and structure

  • Moral Stories

  • Cultural activities

Year 2 hindi language
The Year 2 Hindi language class focuses on :
  • Reading
  • Letter and matra combinations
  • Half letters
  • How to put matra on letters
  • Simple sentences writing
  • Cultural activities
Year 3 hindi
The Year 3 Hindi language class focuses on beginning a foundation of: 
  • Reading and writing short, simple sentences
  • Pronunciation and comprehension of written and spoken words
  • Understanding the basics of Hindi grammar and learning to count
  • Appreciation and applications of the Hindi language.
Year 4-6 hindi language​
The Year 3 Hindi language class builds upon the basics from earlier classes to focus on:
  • Encouraging students to enjoy the Hindi language through reading Hindi short stories
  • Building reading and writing skills to longer and more complex sentences. 
  • Building vocabulary and comprehension skills by recounting stories in their own words and interpreting the meaning of words that they read in short stories.
Year 7-9 hindi language​
The Year 7-9 Hindi language class at Green Valley Languages and Arts School includes:
  • Language and literature (oral and written), focussing on recognition and correct pronunciation, reading fluency, comprehension, transliteration and vocabulary building
  • Grammar, including sentence construction, rules of grammar and tense, and practise of these rules 
  • Culture, used as a motivational medium for the language and literature and grammar components.
Year 10-12 hindi language​
The Year 10-12 Hindi language class gives the opportunity for students to excel in the Hindi language, and many students of this class do well in their HSC final exams. This class develops the student’s:
  • Ability to use Hindi to communicate with others;
  • Understanding and appreciation of the cultural contexts in which Hindi is used; ability to reflect on their own culture(s) through the study of other cultures;

  • Understanding of language as a system;

  • Ability to make connections between Hindi and English, and/or other languages;

  • Cognitive, learning, and social skills;

  • Potential to apply Hindi to work, further study, training, or leisure.

  our music and dance arts curriculum

bharatnatyam dance

The Bharatnatyam curriculum taught at Green Valley Languages and Arts School includes:

  • Shiva Sloka and Namaskar (a prayer and salutation to Lord Shiva and Mother Earth, for whom we learn this sacred dance)

  • Hastas (28 single hand gestures and 24 double hand gestures, each hand movement representing a different element in dance)

  • Posture (positioning of arms, legs, back, hand neck and chin)

  • Aramandi and Murumandi (positioning of the body)

  • Adavaus (the learning of groups and categories of steps which focus on Nritya or the pure movement of the body)

  • Abhinaya (expression and emotion through story telling of the gods)

  • Items (dances learnt after the completion and perfection of ach step under each category)

  • Theory (notation and language used in Bharatanatyam; writing of hastas and slokas).

junior harmonium
Junior Harmonium class focuses on teaching the foundations of how to play the harmonium and of vocal training, including: 
  • Harmonium  handling and "sa re ga ma" notes

  • Harmonium note variations and exercises

  • Religious songs

  • Basic thaats

  • Simple raags.

junior Tabla
Junior Tabla class focuses on the basics of Tabla. In the class students:
  • Focus on the basic Tabla beats, starting with Teental (16 beats)
  • Dhadra (6 beats)
  • Rupak (7 beats)
  • Keherwa (8 beats)
  • Ek taal (12 beats)
  • Aims to give a student a basic understanding of taals and bols so they can eventually play to music.
senior harmonium

The class focuses on building upon the knowledge and experience acquired at the junior level. The curriculum entails:

  • A revision of thaats and basics of sargam

  • Playing tunes/songs the students themselves choose ranging from bhajans, kirtans, gazals etc to Bolywood old and new.

  • Learning about the Raags and Taals (rhythm) relating to these selections

  • Gaining theoretical information relating to Hindi music range/types 

  • Gaining confidence and proficiency in playing the harmonium, singing along at a constant speed in keeping with the rhythm.

senior Tabla
This class is focused on helping students go further when they play music. This is done through focusing on more advanced:
  • Sounds
  • Beats
  • Rhythm

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